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Create entire programming modules, unique and relevant to your business, using AI.

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Boilerplate, test cases, and solution pre-written for your problem. Edit however you'd like after generation.

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Let candidates use their preferred language. Automatically translate your problem into any programming language on Ropes.

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Make your interview problems about your business.

"I manage tech hiring at a hedge fund. Write a graph theory problem about stock trading"

Financial analysts need to navigate through the web of tech stocks interdependencies for insights. They want to analyze the shortest path between two tech stocks, taking into account...

"We want to hire an engineer that's great at organizing messy data"

Your task is to implement a function that will clean up a dataset by replacing all missing values with the mean and normalizing the entire dataset.

Write a function clean_dataset that takes in a 2-dimensional list of integers or floats, dataset, ....

"We're a car rental company. I want the candidate to build an algorithm that takes in a list of user preferences and available cars, and finds the best match"

Implement a function find_best_vehicle_match that returns a list of the best vehicle matches for each user based on their preferences...

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